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Hearing Health Card Promise:

• Connect you with hearing professionals

• Bring you the best rates and services

• Ensuring high standards of hearing help

With the Hearing Health Card our contracted Hearing

Professionals agree to offer top of the line hearing solutions from the top manufactures with significant discounts off their normal everyday prices.

Benefits Of The

Hearing Health Card

20% Discounts on...


• Hearing Aids

All levels except entry level.


• Musicians Plugs

Custom fitted, providing high

level of noise reduction from ambient surroundings.


• Hunters Accessories

Allows safe noise in and keeps

dangerous noise out.




• Hearing Screenings

This includes a series of tests to determine if you are in need of amplification.


• Video Ear Exams

View your ear canal on a TV monitor. This checks to see how healthy your ear drum is and for wax buildup or blockage.


• Clean And Checks

Bring your hearing aids in for a thorough cleaning and inspection to ensure proper working order.


Hearing Loss?

Many people do not realize they have hearing loss as it comes on gradually over the years. Click below to learn

more about identifying

hearing loss.

I Need Hearing Help!

Getting the right hearing solution can make the

difference between you

wearing your hearing aids

or letting them

sit in a drawer.

Let us help you

through this



Hearing Health Card Providers are located in Oklahoma -  Oklahoma City, Enid, and in New York - Pine Bush & Newburg. HHC providers are being added continually!

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