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Causes Of

Hearing Loss

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Hearing Loss?

Many people do not realize they have hearing loss as it comes on gradually over the years. Click below to learn

more about identifying

hearing loss.

Sensorineural Loss

Caused by damage to the inner ear or nerve pathway to the brain. These types of losses are usually permanent and non correctable medically or surgically.




Known as presbycusis or nerve damage. Very gradual, even unnoticeable, it usually occurs in the higher frequency range vital to understanding speech.

Noise Damage

Exposure to military and sport firearms, industrial and home machinery, musical concerts. Can result from single incident or prolonged exposure.



Meniere’s Disease (which may also be accompanied by vertigo, nausea, ringing), tumors, birth injury, skull fractures, as well as some viral infections.

Ailments such as otosclerosis, which affects movement of middle ear bones, tumors, or outer ear or eardrum injuries, like rapid air pressure changes.



Large doses of aspirin, some forms of antibiotics, diuretics, and chemotherapy can cause loss. Obey dosage levels and consult your physician.

Conductive Loss

Conditions that interfere with the conduction of sound through the middle, or inner ear. Some may be treatable medically or surgically.


Ear Infections

Temporary hearing impairment can result from cold - or allergy - related fluid build-up in the ear and/or eustachian tubes.


Earwax or Objects

Hearing loss may simply be caused by an accumulation/blockage of earwax, or foreign objects. Let us examine and remove whatever is in there!


Other Factors

Smoking can block circulation in tiny inner ear blood vessels. A loss can also be genetically inherited through a single gene or as part of a broader illness.


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